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Welcome to My World

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I should have started a blog on my site years ago. I developed several blogs for my writing since 2002, but aside from what I post on social media, I haven't shared much about my painting process; what goes through my mind when I start a painting, what inspires me, or the hurdles I've encountered and believe me, there have been many along the way.

I live in East Central Indiana and retired in June of 2020 after 41 years in higher education. I often heard retired friends say that they didn't know how they had managed to get anything done while they were still working. I get it now. Throughout my first year of retirement, I had a massive amount of catch-up work to do around the house; things I never seemed to have had time to dig into, but that's all behind me now. I'm in a good place with entire blocks of days/weeks to create. Life couldn't be better.

This is where it happens. I'm fortunate to have a huge upstairs room at the back of my home to use as my studio/office. Those windows are three of the nine that wrap around my studio and fill the room with light from sunup to sunset. It offers me a unique bird’s eye panoramic view of my flower beds.

Even in the dead of winter, the view of freshly fallen snow from this vantage point is amazing.

A must introduction is Miss Reba, an American Bobtail and year-old feline roommate who adopted me in March 2021. Apparently, she feels secure and at home because she has taken over my desk and lays down on whatever I'm working on. I haven’t yet decided if she does this to encourage me to take a break or just wants attention. Hmmm. I suspect it’s the latter. Reba’s a sweet and loveable companion, but when she feels terribly ignored, she walks on my keyboard which makes for some interesting edits.

Crazy cat!

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