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Polymer Clay Project

Anytime I have a chance to learn a new skill and do it with some good friends is a win/win day in my book.

I had a great time learning a new skill at fellow Guild member, Jill Palumbo's workshop yesterday. This is my first attempt at working with Polymer Clay and making a brooch pin. She supplied everything we needed and did a great job of offering step-by-step instructions.

Talk about a mind-calming experience! I can see the many hours I might spend creating more with Polymer!!

Visit Jill's page on our MAG website to see a few of her wonderful award-winning creations!

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1 Comment

Jill Palumbo
Jill Palumbo
Sep 20, 2021

Hi Marta, thank you so much for coming to the workshop and for your kind words in this article! I enjoyed our time together so much. Very nice work on your brooch too!

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